Names Of The Dead

*** May 2016, Names of the Dead enters the Bestseller charts of Blackwell, the UK national book shop ***


Connor Montrose is running for his life. All that he held dear has been ripped away. Western intelligence agencies want him dead, and every police force in Europe is looking for him, with orders to shoot on sight.

The only man who can prove his innocence is the man that most wants him dead. Only one woman, a Mossad sleeper in Paris, will stand by his side. With her help, he must now turn and fight. His journey of evasion and revenge take him from hidden Holocaust bank vaults in Zurich, to the stinking sewers of Paris and dust-choked souks of Morocco.

Finally, in the back streets of Tehran, under the gaze of the Ayatollahs, he has the chance to end it, as it began.

In blood.

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Extract from Names of the Dead:

The elevator doors had closed by the time he turned around. A faint whine came from above when the motors engaged, but the movement was barely perceptible. In front was a black panel where the buttons should have been. There’s only one stop. The Executive Suite.

Montrose pushed his hands through his hair and looked up at the ceiling, listening to his own breathing. Check it out. See what’s up there. Then track whoever they’re meeting. The Pakistanis can wait. I’ve got their number.

The muscles were tight in his chest and he threw his shoulders back, then rummaged in his pocket for the Interpol ID. Better not say I’m from Langley. That won’t go down too well. Shit, I could be walking straight into them. A camera blinked above the door. That ain’t good.
The Glock hung heavy in his pocket as he shoved his hand into the sweatshirt and wrapped it around the pistol grip. I come in peace. He thumbed off the safety. Mostly.


The background and backdrop to Names Of The Dead are based on real events. Although wrapped up in fictional characters and locations, readers may wish to research further into the history around some of the theories and conspiracies. The behavior and actions of Western governments, that they would rather keep hidden, are well documented, especially with the current revelations on Wikileaks. The pursuit of power across the globe, the reasons for military intervention and wars, and the absence of morality in these actions, drive Western countries to extraordinary lengths, with no regard to human suffering.

The recent history of the West is mired in conspiracy and death on a global scale.

Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.