The Silk Road


***Update for readers – The Silk Road is now on the publisher’s production line for and will appear in Waterstones, Blackwells and the interweb circa August 2018. launches will be arranged in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and I’ll be available or signing at these events, plus at any instance of the unrestrained madness that is Four Blokes gigs. ***


The Silk Road is a story delving into the murky world of  underground internet banking, illegal arms sales, and the funding of terrorists around the globe by major goverments.

Ex-CIA Connor Montrose is shadowing two suspected terrorists, and tracks them to a deserted mountain village in Tuscany, when he witnesses an attack on a US C130 troop plane with a ground-breaking portable Surface to Air (SAM) missile. Unaware the the CIA were also monitoring the terrorists, Montrose is mistaken for a terrorist, and narrowly escapes, now with the CIA on his tail.

In Moscow, a secret committee watches the progress of their master plan. They have begun to initiate false flag attacks on European aircraf. The plan will ensure that the CIA will take the blame, and the overwhelming evidence will point to a CIA plan to bring down civilian aircraft, and blame it on Moscow, to bolster the NATO alliance and their control of Europe. The reputation of the US will be shattered and NATO will fall apart, leaving a vacuum for a ‘moderate’ Moscow to fill as the dominant power in a New Europe.

Montrose must assimilate himself into the society of  the ultra-rich, assisted by Kirsty, to pose as a middleman for the purchase of arms on The Silk Road, the marketplace where anything can be bought and sold. The sale of the SAM missiles is controlled, under the direction of Moscow, by a secret underground bank, which is hidden deep in the internet, and which controls The Silk Road.

While being pursued by the CIA as the traitor who is controlling the attacks, Montrose uncovers the layers of duplicity, which lead first to the CIA, then to the WW2 ruins of of a medieval German town. And he must discover the cache of arms before the CIA catch up with him, and before carnage is unleashed over the skies of Europe.


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