Finding Representation

A writing chum of mine, over a very pleasant CWA lunch, seated beside luminaries such as Ian Rankin and Alex Gray, mused upon the issue of finding representation, something I’m considering at the moment.

I though I’d write up a blog on the matter, but after five minutes of planning, realised it was going to be longer than the book I’m working on at the moment. Therefore, I’ll finish what I’m doing, and return to this topic later.

Suffice to say that finding representation is not easy. And once again, I fond myself without an agent. I was represented by Eric Nelson of the rather prestigious Rabiner Literary Agency in New York, but Penguin made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and he has returned to his first love, so I’m considering looking around for another agent.

Eric was a fine agent, is a good friend, and I wish him all the very best.  Of course, he’s still the agent for ‘Names of the Dead’. His advice was superb, and his skills were instrumental to me getting my first book deal. I’m looking forward to chewing the fat when we met for a few pints in New York in June, when I attend Thrillerfest in Manhattan.

I’ll come back to agenting and all that jazz later, but for now, let’s finish with a song. All together now, sing up at the back.


– Author of international thrillers 'Names of the Dead & The London Cage', available in all major UK bookshops & online internationally by Faber.